Big Audiences are on the way back!

Great news for Elonex Big Screen advertisers…Big Audiences Are On The Way Back!   National lockdown restrictions in England cease on 2nd December, and we’re all set for a Christmas rush like never before. Shopping malls, high streets and roads will all be manic, as the race to get ready for Christmas gets crammed into […]

Avoid the Christmas Rush!

Christmas on the high street is being squeezed into a few short weeks this year, and so it’s no surprise we’re seeing huge demand for space on the Elonex Big Screens during December. In fact, we’ve experienced a surge in bookings since lockdown 2.0 was announced in England, with brands gearing up to grab attention […]

Be Ready To Go Again in December

With Prime Minister, Boris Johnson having confirmed current lockdown restrictions in England will automatically expire on 2nd December, the race is already on for brands to be Ready To Go Again and maximise sales during what will be be a shortened, yet crucial Christmas trading period. There’s sure to be a Christmas rush like we’ve […]

The Big Screens are Staying On!

Just Like Last Time, But This Time It’s Different… Just like they did in the spring, the Elonex Big Screens will remain broadcasting advertisements throughout November, as England experiences another period of lockdown. But why? Surely no one will be looking, so surely no one will want to advertise?Well that’s not true! We learnt a […]

Pause and Play Advertising

Life’s a little stop, start right now… And that’s why we’re making advertising on the Elonex Big Screens completely flexible…so you can book with confidence, run campaigns only when they should be running – and get on with doing business. Welcome to Pause & Play Advertising! Call it moving with the times, call it Elonex working […]

PanVision: Premium Advertising in UK Shopping Malls

Premium advertising screens in the UK’s most successful shopping destinations. Designed to dominate retail settings, PanVision screens are super-sized and dual-sided to target and engage with consumers as they shop and enjoy leisure time. Reflecting the D96 format of premium screens in major airports and rail hubs, and featuring Ultra Tight Pixel quality, PanVision screens are unmissable and deliver high impact messaging for brands […]