Creative guidelines

New to Digital Out of Home? Here are some tips from our team on creating artwork, to ensure you make the most out of your digital campaign!

what isdisplay type?

Different screens have certain ‘display types’ which determine what type of creative you can display on them.

full motion

A fully animated video. Full flexibility to make the most out of your creative.

subtle motion

Ability to add small elements of movement into your creative to draw attention to certain aspects of your advert.

static display

Only static images can be displayed, and no video files are permitted.


A slot on one of our digital out-of-home screens is typically 10 seconds. A 1-in-6 slot means your advert will display for 10 seconds, every 60 seconds.

While one creative will be displayed per ‘rotation’, you can supply multiple creatives to alternate each time your advert appears.

our creativeguidelines

Short & sweet

Getting your message across quickly is crucial. Effective billboard design communicates without using lots of words, so consumers are able to read and understand your message within a short time frame.

Don't be afraid to go bold

Using large, bold fonts combined with striking imagery delivers the most impactful advert. Avoid fonts that are too thin or cursive, as they take longer to read.

Add movement if possible

Animated creative is far more striking and engaging for consumers compared to static adverts. If you have the possibility to add even the smallest movement into your creative, do it!

Clear messaging

Keep your call-to-action clear and concise, telling your consumers exactly where to go next. A web address, hashtag, or 'visit us here' messages all work well to help move potential customers down the sales funnel.

Relate to your audience

Creative that responds to current events such as the weather or national holidays, can feel relatable to consumers and increase effectiveness.

Contrast & colour

Contrasting darker backgrounds with elements of brighter, vibrant colours will really enhance your advert. The stronger the contrast between text and background, the easier it is to read.

thetechy bits

Artwork must be supplied to the exact pixel dimensions stated.

No trim, bleed, or safe area is required on your creative.

Static artwork is to be supplied as JPEG or PNG files. Video artwork is to be supplied as MP4 files.

Files are to be supplied no larger than of 25 MB

Ready to get started?

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