Helping local
businesses to grow

With Elonex, local businesses can afford to compete on a bigger stage. Our billboards ensure that your message is seen by your target audience at the right time. Talk to us and let's illuminate your brand today!


Elonex billboards are not reserved for national brands alone. Local brands deserve increased audience visibility, too.

We give you the power to create, broadcast, and amplify advertising messages. With our high-quality displays, your local business can make a big impression in your community.

welcominglocal brands

advertising for
every budget

From SME to corporate clients, Elonex provides a range of solutions to market your business with style


Elonex has helped countless small and medium-sized businesses to achieve their marketing goals and drive sales

playing only
when needed

Your advert will only play on our billboards when it counts, maximising your reach and saving costs

local brand, big audiences

exact targeting

Ensuring your adverts are seen by huge audiences in your immediate marketing area

cost effective

Our advertising solutions are designed to fit every budget and maximize reach for ROI

unmissable adverts

High-resolution digital billboards attract the attention of your audience

grow your business with Elonex

Elonex is proud to have partnered with multiple SMEs, achieving their marketing goals and growing their businesses by ensuring their brand message has a positive impact on their audiences.


With over 30 years of experience, we provide you with unparalleled expertise that will grow your business

cut out the

Our billboards set your business apart from others by providing engaging and interactive designs that cut through competition.


Providing custom solutions that cater exclusively to your business’ advertising requirements

drive your

We’ll provide you with the exposure and influence you need to drive sales and transform your business