Elonex has a long and successful history of creating new revenue streams within property portfolios through the deployment of digital advertising screens.

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Elonex is always on the lookout for key locations where the addition of digital screens would generate substantial income. We work with lots of ambitious partners and offer a full in-house service that covers every project requirement, including site identification, survey, valuation, design, planning and installation.

Tailoring our services to suit the specific needs of our partners, Elonex can also manage advertising sales, handle content management and deliver comprehensive service level agreements.

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Generating additional revenue for land owners and property portfolio managers through the commercialisation of assets using innovative digital signage solutions that engage audiences, convey compelling messaging and yield lucrative advertising income.

Digitalscreen sales

Elevating public spaces with custom-designed digital signage solutions that are built to drive revenues, enhance architectural aesthetics and enrich visitor experiences through entertainment, information and engagement.

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