A unique and powerful network

the next generationof digital advertising

Introducing the Elonex Rapid Reach D48 Network, a new and unique network of our 5000 rapid deployment DOOH advertising sites.

5000 newD48 billboard sites

First to market, the Elonex Rapid Reach D48 network now makes it possible for advertisers to target precise environments and locations instantly by selecting exactly where advertisements should be seen, rather than being limited to where DOOH already exists.

followyour audience

Life moves quickly and the Elonex Rapid Reach network delivers advertising screens that track your audience between different environments.

Our network is capable of pinpointing precise locations, meaning targeting  specific demographics with powerful digital out of home advertising is now easy and immediate.

• Reach big audiences at specific locations & events.

• Activate local, regional and national campaigns.

• And most of all, advertise where audiences are continually relevant and exact-targeted.

modular & portable

The blox construction and portability offer full flexibility in arrangement and positioning

rapid deployment & activation

The blox concept enables rapid deployment of units so immediate activation can be achieved in any situation

quality engineering

Using the latest technological developments, the blox are designed and constructed to meet all safety and building regulations

chooseyour audience

Targeting the right audiences has just been made super-easy!



retail parks


sports stadia


pub chains

business parks

petrol station


new home sites

car parks

transport hubs



committedto sustainability

The compact nature of their ‘flat-pack’ system means five units can be stacked upon each other, so multiple units cans be transported on one HGV vehicle. This can produce up to 80% reductions in haulage CO2, as well as storage and transportation costs.

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