A new & unique Digital Out of Home advertising opportunity at the UK’s number one provider of small side football, Powerleague.

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Elonex has created the most powerful Digital 6 Sheet advertising network anywhere in the sector. Consisting of internal and external site screens to demand maximum attention, the Elonex Powerleague D6 Network provides advertisers with unrivalled access to the most clearly defined of audiences.

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the Powerleague network

    • Elonex Powerleague Finchley 2023 30 768x512

    PowerLeague – Finchley

    • Powerleage Manchester outside 1 768x512

    PowerLeague – Enfield

    • AH4A9723 768x512

    Powerleague – Vauxhall

    • AH4A9910 1 768x512

    Powerleague – Nine Elms

    • peoples cup women shoreditch 13

    Powerleague – Shoreditch

    • 103618891 powerleague1 12 768x432

    Powerleague – Romford

    • 103618891 powerleague1 11 768x432

    Powerleague – Shepherds Bush

    • AH4A9723 3 768x512

    Powerleague – Colchester

    • AH4A9910 2 768x512

    Powerleague – Bury

    • 103618891 powerleague1 8 768x432

    Powerleague – Luton

    • AH4A9723 4 768x512

    Powerleague – Slough

    • P4270152 768x576

    Powerleague – Peterborough