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The Big Screens are Staying On!

November 5, 2020

Just Like Last Time, But This Time It’s Different…

Just like they did in the spring, the Elonex Big Screens will remain broadcasting advertisements throughout November, as England experiences another period of lockdown.

But why? Surely no one will be looking, so surely no one will want to advertise?
Well that’s not true!

We learnt a lot during the spring lockdown and so did our advertisers. And, we’re not entering a complete unknown this time, and the raft of national restrictions that come into force this Thursday are far from the same as before.

Don’t worry. We’re not about to tell you this is the best ever time in history to be advertising, so please read on!

Audience numbers will obviously be down, but there will be audiences.

And, anticipating what’s going to happen over the next few weeks, we can predict what those audiences will look like – and deliver precise targeting opportunities for brands who are serious about keeping awareness high.

This time there will be school runs, universities will be open, many sectors (construction and manufacturing for example) will not close, delivery drivers will carry on working around the clock, essential shops will once again be busy, takeaways will remain in demand – and even non-essential retailers will be open to provide click and collect services.

So there will be audiences!

Audiences that will be made up of substantial traffic count and pedestrian footfall.

And we can profile those audiences, including at different times of the day, to continue to give brands advertising on the Elonex Big Screens a competitive edge.

Also, think how restrictions on movement create hyperlocal advertising opportunities, which drive loyality, and remember consumers will have lots of time to plan purchases as we move towards a crucial Christmas trading period – and you’ll see why the Elonex Big Screens will remain on and broadcasting advertisements throughout November.

Talk to us. We’ll be available 24/7 during lockdown. And, as always, we’re determined to do the very best for our advertisers and put them in the right place at the right time – just like last time, but this time it’s different…

Stay Safe.