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Pause and Play Advertising

November 3, 2020

Life’s a little stop, start right now…

And that’s why we’re making advertising on the Elonex Big Screens completely flexible…so you can book with confidence, run campaigns only when they should be running – and get on with doing business.

Welcome to Pause & Play Advertising!

Call it moving with the times, call it Elonex working even harder for you, but more than anything, call it your opportunity to be advertising when people are looking…and not wasting budget if they’re not.

So, book your campaign now.

We’ll start running it on the Elonex Big Screens when you tell us to.

And then you’re in control.

Stop, Start. Turn It On – Turn It Off. Pause and Play.

Press PAUSE immediately any local or national restrictions look like affecting audience numbers

And then hit PLAY as soon as the time is right – and you don’t want to delay reaching big audiences again

Let’s hope you don’t need to, but let’s give you the flexibility and confidence to know that you can.

And, let’s guarantee every penny of your budget is only spent when it should be spent – and your advertising is only running when it should be running!