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Avoid the Christmas Rush!

November 18, 2020

Christmas on the high street is being squeezed into a few short weeks this year, and so it’s no surprise we’re seeing huge demand for space on the Elonex Big Screens during December.

In fact, we’ve experienced a surge in bookings since lockdown 2.0 was announced in England, with brands gearing up to grab attention in what,  by the time stores reopen on 3rd December, will be a highly competitive three week run up to Christmas Eve.

That will be a crucial trading period for many, with a last chance to salvage as much as possible from 2020, and brands needing to ensure their advertising really stands out to deliver great returns.

And that’s where the Elonex Big Screens come in!

It’s going to be very busy out there, so our Big Screens next to major roads and motorways, at the heart of city centres and in packed shopping malls will guarantee Big Audiences!

And, those will be captivated audiences, with no distractions and in environments where the Big Screens simply can’t be missed.

So, if you want to really stand out, engage with consumers and make December a success – you really need to book your Big Screen advertising now!

As we said at the top, we’re selling out fast – so talk to us urgently and avoid the Christmas rush of advertisers all wanting space…when all of that space might already be gone!