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The Digital Landscape in the Midlands has Changed!

November 11, 2014

For a long time Elonex has been committed to providing businesses of all sizes with effective advertising opportunities in the Midlands, and having invested heavily over recent months in expanding an already impressive reach, this latest graphic from our Specialist Digital Advertising team really does show how Elonex now dominates the digital landscape in the region.

Coverage is key for any brand, and the ability to target multiple audiences is crucial to the success of any promotional campaign. And with the Midlands boasting significant economic growth and being home to many of the UK’s wealth creators, it’s a key battleground for international, national and local advertisers.
So by utilsing the Elonex digital network in the Midlands, which consists of a clever combination of prime roadside, shopping mall, sports stadium and major event venue Digital Out Of Home advertising sites, brands can now reach desired audiences effectively and by leaving nothing to chance.
And what’s more, this can all be done through one media owner, Elonex, which for a buyer creates confidence whilst saving time and ensuring campaigns are delivered on budget.
Within the Elonex digital network in the Midlands sits Europe’s largest roadside LED advertising screen (M6 Jct9), and we’ve recently opened new digital roadside sites to target the two main routes into Birmingham (A38 & A45). In addition, Elonex digital advertising screens are now enhancing customer experiences in prominent shopping malls and adding to the spectacle at many of the region’s most popular sports stadiums. Elonex working with Birmingham City Council sees brands being able to advertise to millions at this year’s famous Frankfurt Christmas Market, and in a major development Elonex is now installing multiple digital screens at the NIA and NEC, where the world’s biggest acts, exhibitions and conferences are set to visit. A further 111 screens are set to be installed at the NIA (Barclaycard Arena) over the next 30 days.
So the digital landscape in the midlands has changed, and now Elonex really does dominate it. And having invested heavily in expanding coverage to provide the most attractive proposition in the marketplace, we can now safely say that the Elonex digital network really does provide brands with the most effective means of ensuring promotional success in the Midlands.

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