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PanVision in Sync at the Mander Centre

May 27, 2021

The Mander Centre in Wolverhampton is the latest shopping mall to feature Elonex premium PanVision advertising screens.

The prime retail destination in Wolverhampton city centre, which attracts 12.5 million visitors every year, has been fitted out with three new PanVision screens. In addition, eight new and elevated 65” Walkway screens have also been installed at the Mander Centre, to give the shopping mall an outstanding Digital Out of Home advertising offering.



The combination of PanVision and elevated Walkway screens at the Mander Centre deliver advertisers with maximum flexibility by providing the opportunity to run campaigns on either format of screens, or to have advertisements running in sync across all eleven screens to really dominate the setting and target big audiences.



The Elonex PanVision network now extends across seven major shopping malls, including Arndale Manchester and Bullring Birmingham, and consists of 26 D96 format screens to deliver a premium solution for brands looking to reach high footfall retail locations with maximum impact advertising.

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Mander Centre Media Pack