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Mass Covid-19 Vaccination Centre Advertising Opportunities London 2021

January 22, 2021

ExCel London is now home to one of the UK’s mass Covid-19 Vaccination Centres, placing it at the very heart of a momentous national effort to vaccinate tens of millions of people at rapid pace and return society to a more normal way of living.

The mass Covid-19 Vaccination Centre at ExCeL London will serve the whole of the capital, and thousands of jabs are set to be administered there every day.

Elonex operate an array of standout Digital Advertising Screens throughout ExCeL London, which, all featuring the very latest in Digital Out of Home technology, in normal times are utilised by advertisers to target millions of visitors to world leading events at the venue.

With the mass Covid-19 Vaccination Centre now open at ExCeL London, those screens at the venue are now also fully operational and presenting advertisers with unique and immediate opportunities to reach big number and very clearly defined audiences, at a time that is proving so difficult to deliver high impact brand messaging in alternative environments.