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Advertising in 2021? Let’s talk about this!

January 12, 2021

So, 2021 hasn’t got off to the start we’d all hoped for. Tough weeks now lay ahead for us all on a personal level.

And, whilst we fully respect the current Covid-19 situation, tough weeks also now lay ahead for the brands we represent.

Normally at this time of year plans and advertising campaigns are being put in place to ensure brand success over the coming 12 months.

But this year it’s different.

Yes there are still immediate outdoor advertising opportunities, and yes there’s quite rightly a huge amount of optimism from outdoor advertisers for post Q1, but what exactly should we all be doing now?

We obviously don’t have all the answers to that question!

However, we do know that if we’re together, then we’re stronger.

And that’s why we want to talk to you!

We want to find out how you’re feeling about the year ahead, what plans you’re thinking of putting in place for the brands you represent and, importantly, how we can help.

Whilst there are immediate advertising opportunities and lots of evidence that suggests ‘Staying On’ works, Digital Out of Home is set to play a key role for advertisers in a post lockdown, mass vaccinated world…when being at home really isn’t going to feature very highly on anyone’s agenda!

So talk to us now! There’s time to plan and for us to come up with the very best options for 2021 for the brands you represent, so pick up the phone or drop us a line.

We’re working and we’re always available.

Let’s talk about 2021! email us now!