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Elonex Launch Axis Tower Manchester

January 24, 2019

Elonex has launched a new, super-size Digital Advertising Billboard at Axis Tower, an iconic 28-storey skyscraper located on Deansgate in the buzzing heart of Manchester city centre.



Soaring to an incredible 30 metres in height by 7 metres across, the new screen at Axis Tower completely changes the Digital Out of Home landscape of Manchester and creates the perfect canvass for creative thinkers determined to deliver maximum impact and the most memorable advertising experiences!

Named to emphasise its central location at the axis point to the city’s major Transport Links, Business District, Knowledge Quarter, famous Retail Proposition and Key Attractions, Axis Tower is Manchester’s premier residence and now home to the city centre’s most prominent Digital Out of Home space.


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Seamless Design

Every detail of this space has been considered, with Axis Tower, an innovation in urban architecture, designed to seamlessly contain one of Europe’s largest digital advertising screens.

Whether you’re travelling by car, train, bus, metro or on foot, the new screen at Axis Tower is at the centre of metropolitan life in Manchester city centre, and it’s unmissable to millions from vast distances!
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To find out more about Axis Tower, please click HERE