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Blast-Resistant Rubbish Bins Set to Reduce the Risk of Terrorism on UK Streets

September 21, 2016

Following the bombings in New York and New Jersey over the weekend, Birmingham-based Elonex has pledged to supply blast-resistant rubbish bins, free of charge, to high risk public locations across the UK.
Elonex has one-hundred innovative blast-resistant recycling bins, which have built in digital screens capable of delivering emergency safety messages, ready to distribute immediately to local councils, city centres, sports stadiums and transport hubs where the threat of terror is most prevalent.
Latest reports coming from the USA suggest the bombs in New York and New Jersey at the weekend were planted in rubbish bins by terrorists intent on causing maximum danger to life.
The Elonex blast-resistant bins eliminate this means of concealment and work as part of an effective anti-terror plan in busy public areas.
Designed to withstand and contain the blast of a terrorist’s bomb , the blast-resistant bins massively increase security in public places and with the built in digital screens can be used to convey immediate messages to the public in times of emergency.
The bins have been subject to the most rigorous testing and conform to the strictest industry guidelines attached to blast resistant technology. The blast resistant materials used to manufacture the bins are the same as those found in military hardware such as warships and armored vehicles, and provide maximum ballistic and fragmentation protection. Approved by the Home Office and the MOD,  the design and technology of the bins carry multiple global patents and many of the world’s leading experts in ballistics and counter terrorism have been involved in bringing them to market.
Weighing 1.3 tonnes each, the blast-resistant bins come with the added advantage that they can be used as effective safety barriers by restricting large vehicle access in pedestrian areas.
The blast-resistant bins also bring with them a practical solution to littering, which has been a problem since many waste bins were removed from public places for fear of explosive devises being concealed within them, and help to provide an environmentally friendly, recycling system.
With a manufacturing plant in Birmingham and with a global patent to export the product, Elonex is supplying the blast-resistant bins free of charge where partnerships can be formed over commercialising content on the digital screens in times of non-emergency.
Find out more at  elonexdigitalrecyclingbins.co.uk