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Unlock. Restart. Bounceback. We’re Ready When You Are

May 13, 2020

Unlock, Restart, Bounceback… well that’s an easy statement for us to come up with right now, before we try and convince you to advertise across our network of digital advertising screens, but what’s the reality of the situation?

Exactly how the UK unlocks right now is unclear. Yes we now have government direction, but exact timings and at what pace the UK gets back to business are far from certain. And without that information, it’s a struggle to move to a mindset of restart and bounceback.

What is for sure though is that business will restart – and business will bounceback.

Many will have to do that from a standing start and a few will be ahead of the curve, but business will restart – and business will bounceback

And when they do, reaching customers (old and new) at the right time and with the right messaging will be a challenge for them all.

The values, perceptions, wants and needs of consumers will have inevitably changed, so getting that messaging right will be key to recovery.

At Elonex we understand all of this. We’re a privately owned media owner with a large estate of digital advertising screens across the UK, and everything above applies to us to. 

We’ve come through previous recessions over the last 30+ years, and whilst we’ve never encountered the devasting economic effects of a global pandemic, we do feel well placed and resolved to restart and bounceback – and, crucially, help many others to do the same.

You’ll hear lots from now on about not cutting advertising budgets and going hard with your marketing activity. And yes all of that is true, there are endless case studies to prove it, but again in reality it’s unclear on exactly when to press go on all of that.

So today, instead of trying to sell you a great advertising package or push an amazing special offer on our advertising screens, we’re simply saying – talk to us.

Whether you buy your advertising direct or buy on behalf of your clients – talk to us.

Right now we’re talking to lots of advertisers. And we are talking to all of them about advertising packages, whilst offering our very best advice on how to restart and bounceback, and we are talking to them about prices – but what we’re not talking to them about currently is setting any timings in stone for when campaigns will start.

Things will change and things will move along the way, but what’s for sure is businesses will need to advertise – so it really is something we can be talking about now.

We’re ready when you are.