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The Most Important Audience We’ve Ever Reached

April 3, 2020

Elonex is a Digital Out of Home media owner. We operate digital advertising screens across the UK.

Right now we’re delighted to report our audience numbers are down.

In all seriousness, it’s good to see the general public are largely adhering to government guidelines on staying home, and in turn helping to protect the NHS and save lives during this terrible coronavirus crisis.

One more thing that should be said before we talk about ‘us’, is that we’re indebted to and salute our amazing NHS staff and key workers for all of their efforts at this time.

So audience numbers are down, and that’s good. People are listening.

For obvious reasons, Elonex digital advertising screens in shopping malls and sports stadiums are currently switched off.

Our roadside, motorway, motorway service area and city centre digital advertising screens all remain operational.

Audience numbers have inevitably reduced and some advertisers have understandably paused their normal advertising campaigns.

However, those digital advertising screens are still operational and delivering some of the most important messages they’ve ever delivered.

For what seems like weeks now, the screens have been carrying a vital public safety campaign, and the flexibility of digital has enabled us to react in minutes to changes in messaging when instructed by Public Health England.

We’ve been quick to donate space on the screens for many of the wider national public campaigns showing support and thanks for our NHS and key workers, including the ‘Rainbow Trail’, ‘Clap for Our Carers’ and ‘Light it Blue’.

We’ve launched our own ‘Thank You’ campaign that pays tribute to our NHS and key workers

The out of home industry has come together and the screens are currently delivering a ‘Grateful Britain’ campaign from UK industry body Outsmart, and also a ‘Stay at Home’ campaign that outdoor media owners are running across the globe.

And, without us even suggesting the idea, many brands are now choosing to use their advertising space on the screens to pay their own tributes and convey messages of support and thanks to all those on the front line of this fight against coronavirus.

Our digital advertising screens are normally a powerful marketing tool that exist to build brands and drive sales.

Right now, the screens are a playing a vital role in keeping those who still need to be out and about safe.

And, hopefully those messages of support help to make the day a little brighter for our NHS staff and key workers as they travel to and from wherever they’re doing their amazing jobs.

Audience numbers are down, but the majority of the audience that remains is the most important one we’ve ever been able to reach. 

Compiled by Nick Smith
CEO at Elonex