Introducing PanVision

Premium advertising screens in the UK’s most successful shopping destinations. Designed to dominate retail settings, PanVision screens are super-sized and dual-sided to target and engage with consumers as they shop and enjoy leisure time. Reflecting the D96 format of premium screens in major airports and rail hubs, and featuring Ultra Tight Pixel quality, PanVision screens are unmissable and deliver high impact messaging for brands serious about standing out from the crowd.

Premium Advertising Screens

In the UK’s Most Successful Shopping Destinations

27 Premium Screens

across 8 shopping malls
    • EoQA4ldXUAEs 32 768x432

    Bullring Birmingham

    • manc arndale 768x384

    Arndale Manchester

    • Golden Square SC landscape Digital 10 768x512

    Golden Square, Warrington

    • boohooman panvision 768x591

    Derbion, Derby

    • highcross 768x512

    Highcross Leicester

    • meadowhall 768x384

    Meadowhall Sheffield

    • Telford Sc Bulkheads opp House of Fraser Brides 2 1 768x512

    The Telford Centre

    • mander centre 768x384

    Mander Centre, Wolverhampton