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New Elonex A45 Digital Site Lights Up Major Route into Birmingham City Centre

November 24, 2014

Installation is complete and the scaffold has come down, meaning yet another new Elonex standout digital advertising site in Birmingham is now fully operational.

The unmissable site on the busy A45 opened in November and is now delivering high impact, full motion digital advertisements to commuters heading towards Birmingham City Centre.
Located just two miles from Birmingham Airport and facing traffic on one of the busiest routes in to the City Centre, the A45 Mega 6 presents prime site advertising opportunities and is already proving extremely popular with both national and local brands looking to maximise the effectiveness of their digital out of home campaigns.
Elevated in position, the new A45 Mega 6 is visible to commuters from an incredible distance and sits in a highly congested travel area which is renowned for huge dwell times. It offers the only  digital advertising proposition on that stretch of the A45, and will deliver in excess of 10 million audience impacts annually.

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