about the city

Youthful, diverse and bursting with character, and a city with energy and verve in abundance, Manchester is one of the most exciting places in the UK to work, rest and play right now.

Steeped in history and once renowned as an industrial powerhouse, Manchester is now a major cultural hub that retains its proud heritage whilst also boasting a world class and progressive retail, leisure and business offering.

Big rewards await brands advertising in Manchester, with the Elonex Big Digital marketing Screens delivering huge audiences for those wanting to reach big cities with both national and well-targeted local advertising campaigns.

our advertising screens in Manchester

    • imageresizer 5

    Cutting Room Square, Manchester

    • St Anns Square 4  copy 768x539

    St Ann’s Square, Manchester

    • Wellington Statue PG 1 1 768x539

    Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester

    • Piccadilly Gardens 768x576

    Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester

    • New Cathedral St 768x576

    New Cathedral Street, Manchester

    • Market Street 768x576

    Market Street, Manchester

    • KingStreet 768x576

    King Street, Manchester

    • exchange square 768x576

    Exchange Square, Manchester

    • Cathedral Gardens 5  768x576

    Cathedral Gardens, Manchester

    • ElonexNewSitesH12023 Page 08 768x432

    Bentcliffe Way

    • comingsoon 04 1 768x483
    • manc arndale 768x384

    Arndale Manchester

    • AH4A7879 768x512

    Queens Road

    • CORP.image .P9 2 768x768

    Manchester Health Club & Spa

    • AH4A9910 2 768x512

    Powerleague – Bury

    • Powerleage Manchester outside 768x512

    Powerleague – Manchester Central

    • Elonex AshtonOldRoad 4 1 768x460

    Ashton Old Road City Outbound

    • Elonex AshtonOldRoad2 6 1 768x484

    Ashton Old Road City Inbound

    • Elonex MediaCity 13 768x467

    Quayside Media City