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Humberstone 48 Goes Live in Leicester

September 9, 2019

Elonex has launched a new Digital 48 Sheet advertising screen on the A47, Humberstone Road in central Leicester.
Humberstone 48 is located on the main arterial route into Leicester City Centre, which is notorious for its heavy traffic flow.
A stand-out site, Humberstone 48 sits on the final approach to all city centre retail and business districts and visitor attractions in Leicester, and targets huge 24/7 audiences.
Further adding to the ever growing Elonex portfolio of D48 sites, Humberstone 48 in Leicester is close to the heart of a modern city rich in arts, culture, sports and heritage, with a first class retail offering and boasting an energetic student population.
Humberstone 48 delivers a powerful new Digital Out of Home proposition for brands looking to target mass and lucrative audiences in Leicester.
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