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Get Ready To Go

February 22, 2021

With Boris Johnson having announced the government’s roadmap out of lockdown, it really is time for advertisers to GET READY TO GO!

The roadmap is all about setting us free to get out and about, and start living life again, and that surely now makes Digital Out of Home the must have advertising platform for 2021!

So, what do we know right now?

Well, in the words of the PM, the lifting of restrictions will be led by ‘data, not dates’.

However, we do have a 4-step plan with provisional dates clearly mapped out.

So, assuming the data continues to be positive – outdoor advertisers need to get ready for those dates now!

Doing so will see advertisers guarantee outdoor availability, be first to reach big audiences and ensure they get ahead of the rest.

Continuing to delay will mean advertisers simply miss out.

Big outdoor audiences are coming soon, so GET READY TO GO!

If you want your advertising campaign to run in shopping malls the minute non-essential retail opens, book it now! If you want to target big roadside audiences the minute rush hours return, book it now! If you want to reach high footfall in town and city centres the minute hospitality reopens, book it now! And, if you want your advertising seen at motorway service areas the minute staycations are allowed again, book it now!


We’ve got a vast estate of Digital Out of Home advertising screens located in multiple outdoor lifestyle environments across the UK.

And we’re flexible. We’ll take your bookings now, but your campaigns will only run when reopening dates are confirmed and the time is right.

That means your space is reserved, you’re advertising will be seen first, and you’ll be ahead of the rest.

We’ve even got a PAUSE & PLAY ADVERTISING GUARANTEE that’s designed for you to be able to book with absolute confidence immediately!

Those outdoor lifestyle environments we mentioned are getting ready to deliver big audiences for advertisers, so let’s….GET READY TO GO!

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