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Elonex Deliver Live Roadside Digital Election Updates in Birmingham

May 8, 2015

Elonex Outdoor Media has utilised the power of its Digital Out of Home network to keep commuters in Birmingham fully up to date with all the latest news from the Election 2015

As commuters took to the roads of Birmingham first thing this morning, a standout Elonex roadside digital screen, located on the busy A38, Aston Expressway, sprang into action to broadcast real time updates and results from the General Election.
The double-sided digital screen, which targets commuters in and out of Birmingham City Centre, broadcast election results as they were announced from around the UK, whilst delivering all the major local and national election headlines.
Broadcasting over 50 different Election 2015 messages, Elonex were able to harness the flexibility and real time capabilities of digital out of home media to break news including that of prominent politicians losing seats, party leaders resigning and a new majority Government being elected – all to keep commuters in Birmingham fully briefed and in touch with events as they happened.

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