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Budget 2015 Updates Broadcast Roadside During Birmingham Rush Hour

March 19, 2015

As rush hour took hold in Birmingham on Budget Day, Elonex broadcasted key announcements from the Chancellor on its roadside digital screen on the busy A38, Aston Expressway.

Working closely with Edwards Chartered Accountants and following the Chancellor delivering the last Budget before the General Election, the digital experts at Elonex broadcast the key announcements to commuters travelling home on one of the busiest routes in and out of Birmingham.

The Elonex digital screen on the A38, Aston Expressway, Birmingham is double-sided and messages displayed on it can be seen by those travelling in both directions – meaning commuters entering or leaving the city were fully updated on the Budget 2015.
It’s the first time Budget updates have been broadcast at a digital roadside site in Birmingham. And as well as updating commuters, the initiative underlined the flexibility and power of Digital-Out-of-Home media to deliver up to the minute messages, whilst further emphasising Elonex’s capability to both lead and push boundaries in the digital marketplace.