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Brands unite to spread warning of a #WorldWithoutNature

March 5, 2024

Elonex was extremely proud to support World Wildlife Day on Sunday 3rd March and join a global moment to rally against the emptiness of a world without nature.

Throughout the day a powerful WWF campaign broadcast across the Elonex Digital Out of Home network that saw influential brands and major sports teams remove images of nature from their branding in thought provoking advertisements, which were unmissable on billboards throughout the UK.



The aim of the campaign was to drive awareness of nature loss by prompting audiences to look twice at well-known logos which, for one day only, were empty of iconic nature images. The eye-catching activation was a chance for brands to raise awareness about the planet’s rapid loss of biodiversity among their own followers.

Some of the brands and clubs who took part included Aston Villa FC, Gymshark, Leicester Tigers, Swansea City FC, West Bromwich Albion and Wolverhampton Wanderers, among others.



In the UK and around the world, nature is in crisis. Global wildlife populations have plummeted by an average of 69% since 1970. Here in the UK, we’ve lost 70% of our ancient woodlands, our rivers are polluted, and our wildflower meadows are almost gone.

We can’t survive in a #WorldWithoutNature.