Political advertising

Election 2024

Target, engage andconnect with voters

The Elonex network of Digital Out of Home billboards is the trusted media platform for political parties to reach key audiences in crucial voting battlegrounds.

Utilising the the Elonex digital billboards ensures your political party gets high visibility, and makes it easy to effectively target and engage with voters across a multitude of lifestyle environments.

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Election 2024 fever is sweeping the nation and dominating news agendas

Advertise on Elonex digital billboards and DigiVans to drive political messaging direct to big audiences in a multitude of outdoor environments.

Advertise locally or nationally on our 3000 digital billboards

The Elonex digital network allows for precise targeting based on factors like location, time of day, and voter demographics.

You also have the flexibility to change your content in real-time. Capitalise on the digital screen network and tailor your messaging based on targeted constituencies.

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